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What is Chiropractic?

Adjustments are used to restore motion in a joint that is not moving efficiently. Joints can become restricted from improper posture or muscle imbalances. With an adjustment, motion can be restored, and movement patterns can become more "normal" (to you) again. 

So why would I ever come back? We may have restored motion for the time being, but what caused the problem in the first place? And how long will the adjustment last? It is our job t o find the answers to those questions so that you are set up with the tools to fix you issue, and learn how to maintain that optimal "balance."

Why come to Dynamic?

Dr. Shane strives to be different from any typical chiropractor. With training from some of the best in the country, he has exceeded the standards of what chiropractors are thought to do. 

We include lifestyle enhancement and rehabilitation into our treatment plans to find the root cause of you complaint. We know adjustments will not fix everything, and we are here to help you become better as a whole individual! 

Functional Rehabilitation

What is Functional Rehab?

Functional rehabilitation is where we combine two great fields - chiropractic and physical therapy. This type of rehabilitation is designed to target the body's weaknesses to help you return to full range of motion and strength. These exercises are also great to take home, which helps you progress outside of the in-office appointments. Functional headaches can help with chronic neck and low back pain when paired with chiropractic manipulation!

Would This Help Me?

Absolutely, whether you are a desk worker, weekend warrior, professional athlete, or anything between, these exercises will help you take the next step in reaching your goals. Current data shows that patients who are treated with chiropractic and functional exercises have better outcomes than adjustments only. 


Are YOU ready to be a pro of your health journey?

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